Weekend with the Kirklands

This weekend, Joe and I drove down to Hollywood, FL with our friends Lindsey and Justin to stay at the Diplomat Hotel. It is a fabulous hotel! Joe and I stayed there for our one year anniversary and just love it!

We had a blast! Here are a few pictures from the trip.

When we arrived at the hotel we were un-pleasantly surprised that the Hooter Girls 25th Anniversary Pangeant was being held the same weekend! There were like 200 Hooters Girls there along with tv cameras, sets, etc. because they were taping an episode of The Best Damn Sports Show (I think it is on Fox…I don’t know, I never have seen it). But the husbands were very excited because Duane Wade, Alonzo Morning, Gary Payton, and Michael Irvine were also there for the tv show.

When Lindsey and I found out the Hooters girls were taking over the hotel…we decided to go freshen up our make-up right away! Linsdey is a make-up artist so this was very fun:)

It rained in the afternoon, but we had fun playing speed scrabble in the Club Lounge. Joe is a bad sport.

On Sunday morning we stayed in our robes, went to the Club Lounge and had breakfast at Wimbledon. Followed by a relaxing day at the beach. It was so much fun, we love our friends!


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