Southern Delights

I have not written in almost a week, so there are many non-consequential yet very important annecdotes that I must fill you all in on!

First, let me start off by saying that the date stamp on my posts is wrong. The only reason I feel the need to draw attention to this is because past posts have been stamped at times when I am at work, doing very important things, and I would hate for anyone at work to see them and think I am writing diatribes all day long. I am not. I am very busy. I am a very busy rule follower who wouldn’t digress to writing blogs on company time.

Having said that, I think I will go back to last Saturday night…. Joe and I went to the Ashburn 2008 Summertime Bash (an annual party hosted by our friend,Lindsey’s, mother). Since the sub-title of this blog is “Joe and Catie delighting in the comforts of the South,” it is very fitting for me to explain that this party was brim to the ceiling with southern comforts! First, there were fried pickles. I had never had them before – they were a bit spicy but good. This is very southern. And we delighted in them.

There were also cheesy grits and chicken cooked several different ways. Also, there was an open bar and the drink a’ flowin’. Now, if you know me, I do not handle my alcohol well, meaning one margarita and I am good to go! Well, I must inform you that I partook in several drinks so I was very, very good to go. And there was karaoke there! The highlights of the evening were Joe and Linsdey’s grandma (Norma Grey for those who know her:) doing a duet and the can-can, and me and Brinti Bane sing Holla Back Girl by Gwen Stefani. (For those of you who know Britni and I – this is very funny). Needless to say, it was so much fun.


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