Summer Vacation!

In a week and a half, Joe and I will embark on summer vacation! Horray!
The destination, you wonder? St. Augustine, FL
The peeps, you curiously inquire? Well…these lovely folks:(Joe’s parents at Christmas circa 1985)

And this adorable couple:
(Joe’s brother, Jon and his wifey, Lauren)
And this crazy guy:(My Husby)

And Me and this sweet baby:

(No, she is not mine. She is Jon & Lauren’s sweet little Taylor Jade)

“But Catie,” you ask, “What will you do on this glorious vacation?”

Well, we will:


Meander in cute little shoppes

Ride bikes

…And read, sleep, and enjoy one another’s company! Cheers! for vacation!


For my brithday last February, my husband sent me on a trip to Chicago to visit my dear friends, Abby and Emily. While there, Abby told me of her new found love for drawing and painting and urged me that I could do it too. In fact, she took out her drawing pad and pens and showed me how she began learning to draw simply by looking at pictures. I fell in love right away and hurried over to Carlson’s Art Store, buying my own sketch pad and pens.

Abby has been pestering me to show her some of the things I have drawn since leaving. So I have taken a few pictures so that she can see them.

This drawing is the only complete scene drawing I have done and it is my most recent. I was inspired from a vintage childrens book I got from a antique store.

This little boy was also an inspiration from the same vintage book. I wanted to put a sling shot in his back pocket, but couldn’t quite figure out how to make it work. You’ll notice it drawn in pencil but not colored in.

These two lovely ladies were inspired from a paper doll artist I found. They are actually replicas of his work (I can’t remember his name) but I loved their persiod dresses and wanted to see if I could draw them.

These sweet girls are one of my favorites because they are drawn to resemble the little girl versions of Abby, Emily, and I. They are very simple drawing but I think they capture us quite nicely. I decided to draw them from different angles, I don’t really know why, but I think it’s cute:)

This little girl was the first I could draw with legs that didn’t look like crazy sqiggly lines. Its funny that they are just curved lines but if you are off a little they do not resemble a leg at all!

This little girl has an attitude. I think I learned to draw the bow in her hair from Abby.

This is another one of my favorites but I must tell you that it is a replica of one of my favorite child illustrators, Belle & Boo. ( You can tell that it took me several attempts to get the proportions right but I kept trying and now the mis-drawing provide a neat backdrop for the one I got right. In the original drawing, I beleive the little boy is holding a soccer ball, but since I am not a soccer fan, I gave him a football instead:)

This is just a plain old sunflower. It is happy.

This is a sweet little girl that wasn’t inpired by anything, i just drew her one day. I gave her a name that I really like and I think it suits her.

This guy is a simple little rabbit. He is an easy quick draw with his cute flopsy ear. I drew him early on and named him Charles. I gave him a scarf because I drew him while I was in Chicago and it was snowing.

These little ones are the first drawings Abby instructed me to draw. I ripped the page out of her scetch pad and it is now the first page taped into mine. Genevieve is a lady that Abby drew originally and I copied her style to see if I could draw her.

So, there you go. Those are some of my drawings. They are not professional artist material by any means, but I have such a fun time doing drawing them.

In the words of Crosby, Stills, and Nash…

“Our house is a very, very, very fine house.” Here are some pictures of the place we like to call home.
Kitchen Before

Kitchen After

I love our little island. It is on wheels that lock so we move it around often!

This is our living room from the kitchen. The room in the back with the french doors is our solarium (aka my new art studio:)

This is the shower curtain, towel, and bath mat from the guest bathroom. I want to paint the walls a delicious brown color to make the curtain really pop. Haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Unfortunatley, I do not have pictures of the master bedroom, master bath, or guest room (yes, we have a guest room for those who want to take a trip to sunny Florida!). But I will put some on here soon to intice you to come for a stay! But, in the mean time, below are a few more shots of things I love in my house. Enjoy!