My Cute Little Dears

The little one in the picture to the left is my sweet puppy, Molly, when she was only 2 months old. She is now almost 8 months now! She is a 13 inch, tri-colored Beagle. I love, love, love her! You can kind of see in the picture that her back is mostly black and she has one little white spot – it looks to me as though she got into a bucket of paint! I love it! Being a beagle, she is very curious (like her mama) and also very snuggly (which is like her mama as well).
The other cute guy in the picture is my sweet hubby, Joe. This was taken when we were in Malaysia. We saw this monkey and gave it an apple so it would like us. These two are the loves of my life! They make my life so happy and wonderful. I am very grateful for both of them!

One thought on “My Cute Little Dears

  1. when i first read this i thought the two loves of your life were joe…and a monkey. i was glad to see instead that it is actually joe and your sweet dog molly. monkeys can be ornery.

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