Catie O’Keefe…get it? Like Georgia O’Keefe…

I was window shopping in a cute little boutique a few months ago and spotting an adorable painted wood frame. It was quite large and had beautiful saying writen on it with a small picture in the center. I wanted to get one for my, then pregnant, sister-in-law but was shocked to see the price – $275.00!! Don’t get me wrong – it was a beautiful peice of art but that seemed quite expensive! I thought to myself, I bet I could make that…

And now, several months later, I am attempting just that. I made our solarium into a make-shift art studio, (the empty room in the picture with the green chair…SIDENOTE: This pic when taken before we bought our house, the chair was there from the previous owner, but we asked that they include it in our contract! ) I bought a nice thick peice of pine, cut a small sqaure in the center, and sanded the thing. I spent the weekend painting it with a cute little saying. I am not finished yet, and i do not have a camera yet, so I can not show you a picture of it quite yet. But once I have a camera (I hope to at least borrow one soon) then i will put up pictures galore!
I have been having a lot of fun. Besides my pine picture frame, I also made a little sign, and I found an old chest in my parents garage that I am going to paint and write on as well. If I like the finished products, I think I may create my own shop and try to sell them!


One thought on “Catie O’Keefe…get it? Like Georgia O’Keefe…

  1. cates….how fun that we can communicate through our blogs now too:) if only you lived closer we could work together on our artistry!! I am doing a painting in the basement right now too (my art studio:)) and I think that we should both be required to paint something for one another and ship it to each other. It could be quite fun! I love you and cheers to creating beauty!abs

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